Friday, May 17

Cool new Scandinavian design products

Take a look at these lamps by Danish Frama. Stylish and industrial looking lamps with oh so trendy copper colour option.

The serving table was design already in 1963 by Hans Bölling - and it looks so fresh still today. It's now available in many different colours.

The textiles are from a Finnish textile company Finlayson, available next autumn.

// Snygga nya Skandinaviska produkter: Danske Frama lampor, Hans Böllings bord och textiler från Finlayson.

// Ihania uusia skandinaavisia tuotteita. Tanskalaisen Framan lamppuja, Hans Böllingin tarjoiluvaunu monessa eri värissä sekä kurkistuksia Finlaysonin syksyyn uusien kangaskuosien myötä.

3-4. Serving tables by Hans Bölling 
5.- Textiles from Finlayson

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